We are manufacturer of special dietary supplements aimed at treating the dermatitis issue for breeders. Working by combining natural products, we endeavour to guarantee proven and risk-free efficiency to our customers.

More and more farms are strongly impacted by dermatitis also known disease Mortellaro. This disease is generally pretty well groomed as curative, but often with binding and sometimes dangerous to use products.

Our efforts are carried on the creation of a natural, simple and powerful product that complements the supply of cattle and solve in preventive an important part of the feet problems in dairy farms.



  • Quality

Using quality raw materials and traceable products, we endeavour to provide our customers with guarantees covering the origin and quality of our finished product. Registration with and Accreditation by the Veterinary bodies, compliance with the ISO quality standards of our partners, FCA / GMP certification, all crucial to guarantee the quality level of our products and services.

  • Respect

With the utmost concern for mankind and the environment, we wish to remain in a world in which respect prevails in the relations between the players and their market. Compliance with commitments and respect for nature : the use of natural products allows us to uncover innovative solutions, risk-free, and exploiting at their best the virtues offered by nature.

  • Innovation

We offer innovative solutions, which meet our customers’ expectations in terms of outcome as well as implementation. Innovation at your service to ease your operations, and optimise your profession and yield.