Lameness & Dermatitis

Lameness is a major pathology affecting dairy herds

  • The second cause of non-production in cattle rearing (after mastitis)
  • Causes 5 to 30% drop in yield
  • Causes withdrawal (7%)
  • Fertility issues (calving interval)

€€€  The financial impact of lameness is very significant in dairy farming €€€

Of all the listed causes of lameness, dermatitis or digital dermatitis is the most significant. The Mortarello disease, named after the Professor who identified it in 1972, is the most common among existing forms of the disease. It is a highly contagious bacteria, and nearly impossible to eradicate. It is found worldwide, and causes mayhem in the operating losses for dairy production.

The causes of dermatitis are multiple :

  • Immune defences deficit
  • Environment
  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Stress
  • Insufficient hoof trimming
  • Contagion

Dermatitis affects more or less significantly approximately 80% of cattle rearing in France.
The rate of dermatitis on farms varies between 70% and 5% of the stock.
This percentage is constantly growing.