The product contains various ingredients, among which :

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  • Clays

Clays have ancestral virtues, which have been recognized as a core component of animal food.
When grazing, cows can eat up to 14% of soils, and such a proportion of this essential intake is not available when they are fed in stables.

Thanks to its contents, clay is already used in breeding for the following inputs :

> Reinforcement of immune defences
> Absorption and blocking of mycotoxins
> Positive effect on the effects of acidosis and sub acidosis
> Binding agent

  • Biotin

Biotin provides the animal with H et B8 vitamins.
Vitamin deficiencies in ruminants have been analyzed for many years. It has been proven that the intake of Biotin solves issues specific to rearing:

> Hardening of the horn
> Reinforcement of the hoofs
> Effect on mycotoxins

  • Plant extracts

These natural components enhance the efficiency of the product. They have a positive impact on the causes of cattle dermatitis, stress, immune defences deficit and spreading of the bacteria. It is thanks to the association of its specific and complementary components that Nutrageo allows such results.

  • Quality of product :

Certification FCA / GMP

Product can be used in organic farming.

  • Patented product :

Application for official patent

  • Ease of use :

> Mixes with food ration
> 25 g / jour / cow
Continuous use

Sold in 15 kg bag