Advantages of the Nutrageo :

  • Drying up of the dermatitis
  • Efficient : Progressive and partial heal of the dermatitis
  • Reinforcement of immune defenses
  • Ease of use : mixing ration
  • Treatment for all animals
  • Yield : good return on investment : cost/efficiency ratio
  • Preventive solution


Dermatitis Ratio : Results







*Example of results :
A herd of 55 dairy cows with significant dermatitis issues 40% of the herd infected with Mortellaro. After 3 months, there were only 5% of residual cases. Then, the result has remained constant.

Clinical assessment
An independent clinical assessment was carried out in 2013 by the Rhone-Alps Superior Agricultural and Agrifood Institute. This study shows the decrease in lameness in dairy herds. In the farms which had a rate of 28% of affected animals of fingered Dermatitis, there was more than 7% of animals infected at the end of three months. Inflammation of the foot had also decreased.


Thanks to “NUTRAGEO” :
Not or few footbaths
Not or few restraints to hoof treatment

An important saving of time: you just have to mix the product in the ration

Note :
Continuous treatment reduces significantly dermatitis issues in the herd, but does not eliminate them completely. Since the dermatitis bacteria is very contagious, it remains present in the herd, but with far lower ratios.