Thierry Bellouard – GAEC BELLOUARD
Thierry, 45 years-old, department 49,  55 Prim Holstein dairy cows – Milking robot, mattress cubicle slope 7%, Production + 11.000 kgrobot-BELLOUARD

Has been using the product for 2 years.
“I started after a significant outburst of dermatitis in my herd before changing the building. Within two months of introducing the product, we noticed, together with our hoof trimmer, that the dermatitis was drying up. Today, as we use the product daily and ensure recurrent trimming, the rate of dermatitis has stabilised, now affecting less than 5% of the herd.
The cost of the product is very low compared to the benefits it procures. Furthermore, as a precaution, we feed the product to cows and heifers in calving process”.


Thomas Bodin – 32 years-old, department 79,  95 Prim Holstein dairy cows – Milking parlour, straw-bedded cubicle, 9.500kg

cornadisHas been using the product for 18 months
“Our target was to reduce the issues of lameness mainly caused by dermatitis. They generated fairly significant direct and indirect costs for the farm, and we wanted to test by ourselves this innovative solution to assess its efficiency. After several months of use, I must admit that we are very satisfied with the results. Combining the product, regular hoof-trimming and a balanced diet has enabled us to reduce the numbers suffering from lameness. In addition, it is very easy to implement since it only means adding 25 g per day and per cow in the mixer”.